More Than Music: More Than Words

Siren at The Phoenix 3
SIREN at The Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, California, 1994.

The punk band SIREN performed between 1993-1997.

SIREN was an uncompromising and passionate outfit who challenged the corporate invasion and buy-out of the punk scene, as well as the unquestioned triumph of technology at the expense of community and respect for the planet.

The band promoted sharing resources, and demonstrated this by making complimentary peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for audiences at each show, and selling band shirts for no more than $3. They adhered to only playing all-ages venues and supported $5 shows.

Siren at Cafe This 1994 1
SIREN at Cafe This, Santa Rosa, California, 1994. Also on the bill were Kid Dynamo and Avail. L-R: Brian Zero, Joe Carr and Adam Glidewell.

The line-up began and ended with: Brian Zero – vocals/lyrics (and columnist for Maximum Rocknroll), Kevin McCracken – drums (Sonoma County punk show organizer), Adam Glidewell – guitar/vocals and Joe Carr – bass.

Eric Frescas (punk promoter from El Paso, Texas) and David Coker assisted as roadies and Miriam Wilding did booking and promotion.

In between the band had the following additional members: Tim Sheehan – bass, Charles Goshert (of Monsula) – bass, Felix Thursday – bass and Nate – drums.

Prior to SIREN, Kevin McCracken and Brian Zero sang for a band founded by guitarist Jason Rosenberg called Engage.


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