Maximum Rocknroll

Some of Your Friends CoverOriginally printed in Maximum Rocknroll (MRR) Issue #133, which came out in June 1994 (and is now out of print), “Major Labels: Some of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked” was also reprinted as a special condensed version for 50 cents by MRR.

The condensed version contains extracts of all the portions of that theme issue related to the impact of major corporate incursions into the world of punk/independent music and culture.

Links to Tim Yohannan’s introduction as well as Brian Zero’s article, “Corporate Rock, Punk?” are provided here:

Major Labels: Some of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked – Cover

Tim Yohannan’s Introduction – Tim Yohannan clearly articulates the threat that corporations present to independent music/punk, describing the punk community as under assault by thugs richer and smarter than the violent racist homophobic skinheads that plagued the scene in the 1980s.

Corporate Rock, Punk? Page 1

Corporate Rock, Punk? Page 2

Corporate Rock, Punk? Page 3

Corporate Rock, Punk? Page 4

Corporate Rock, Punk? Page 5

Corporate Rock, Punk? Page 6

Corporate Rock, Punk, Page 7

Major Labels: Some of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked – Back Cover

Many others (including Greg Lane, Matt Wobensmith and Steve Albini) contributed to MRR Issue #133, and offered insight into the theme. We’d love to see MRR reprint the special issue, but in the interim our goal is to scan the remaining portions of the issue and make it available here.


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